Trouble in Tremblant

Trouble in Tremblant

This ride is called Trouble in Tremblant for a reason. Not only is it going to kick your ass with massive climbs as you weave your way through the Mont Tremblant Park, there is also very limited chance to re-supply once you leave the comforts of the Mont Tremblant ski resort. Not too long after you will begin climbing up into the park. Around 70km into the ride you will reach Lac Provost. If you are running low on any supplies, now is your chance to turn south towards Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm. This is the perfect place to grab some Timmies coffee, stock up on food, and maybe even go to the Microbrewery for a quick one….or three. 

Heading out of Lac Provost there are a few campgrounds you can go to if you are not interested in wild camping. Continuing on the way, you’ve got a big 200m climb ahead of you, before a sweet 12km descent back to lake level.  dropping back down. After one more big climb away from Lac Lajoie, you’ll be able to comfortably ride the next 60km without anything too daunting hitting you in the face. Slowly making your way back towards civilization, there are only a couple more big climbs before you reach the Petit Train du Nord, which you will ride to get back down to the start point.

It’s important for cyclists to be aware of the lack of re-supply points along this route. It’s necessary to pack enough food for the duration you plan to be out there, carry a water filter so that you can top up your bottles regularly, and also carry some rope so that you can hang your food at night and be bear aware.

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  1. Cory says:

    Do you have a ride file for this you’ll be able to share soon?

    1. Chris says:

      Sure. I’ll share it. Will PM you

  2. Dominqiue says:

    I would be interested too 🙂 in the gpx file.

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