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Planning a Bike Tour?

Planning to go on a bike tour but don’t know where to start?

This section has been created to help aspiring bike tourers and bikepackers get started with their adventures. From useful gear, navigation planning, and choosing the right bike, all this information has been put together based on my own personal experiences and those of my guests. 

***The links in ORANGE will take you either to a blog post written on the subject or to a Touring Talk Podcast Episode***

Touring Talk Episode 001 | Stoves

In Episode 001 of BTA Touring Talk, Adam and I discuss the various types of cooking stoves out there, our experiences with them, and what our recommendations would be.

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What is Bike Touring?

What does it mean to go on a Bike Tour Adventure? A bike tour adventure is a pretty flexible term generally used for getting on a bike and riding...

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When and Where to go on a Bike Tour

Should I buy a new bike before bike touring? Should I wait until I save more money? Should I wait until my kids are just a bit older? Should...

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Touring Talk Episode 002 | Sleep Solutions

Bike Touring Sleep Solutions Bike touring and sleeping away from home go hand in hand. It’s would be pretty difficult to go on a bike tour and sleep at...

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Touring Talk Episode 003: What Bike Do I Need?

In Episode 003 of BTA Touring Talk, Adam Hugill and I discuss the various types of options available when it comes to finding the right bike for the tour...

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Pros and Cons to Touring on a Folding Bike

Pros and Cons to Using a Folding Bike for Touring Having done some bike touring on road bikes, mountain bikes, and folding bikes, I decided to put together some...

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Spare Parts For Touring

Spare Parts For Your Bike Tour After numerous bike tours and extensive conversations with bike tourers from around the world, I have put together what I consider to be...

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Parts Of The Bike | Bicycle Components For Beginners

Parts of the Bike One of the biggest challenges every cyclist has to go through at some point is learning the names of the parts on their bikes and...

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Choosing A Bike Bag Setup

Handlebar Setup When deciding on how you will setup the cockpit of your bike, it’s important to choose the right bag for the job. Depending on the type of...

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The Ultra-Distance Bikepacking Kit List

In the summer of 2020 I rode 5521km from Vancouver, British Columbia to Whitehorse, Yukon and then onwards east all the way to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Covering a distance of...

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BTA Touring Talk – Episode 4 | Bike Maintenance

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Bike Tour Adventures Touring Talk. In this episode I have Carl Presseault, my most recent guest from Interview 047, co-hosting an episode in...

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Yet to be written....

  • How to plan a budget?
  • What travel insurance should I get for touring?
  • Should I sell or store my belongings?
  • What to do with my home, apartment, etc?
  • How to train for a long-distance bike touring adventure?
  • Planning for visas along the way.
  • High-tech vs low-tech travel?
  • Why go on a bike tour?
  • What kind of person can bike tour?
  • How to make time and go on bike tours?
  • Do I need to have previous experience bike touring?
  • Is bike touring dangerous?
  • Are there any countries that should be avoided for bike tourers?
  • What kind of bike should I buy?
  • How do I make sure a bike fits me properly?
  • Drivetrain: Rohloff vs. Pinion vs. Derailleur?
  • Tubeless vs. Clincher?
  • Choosing the correct tire size
  • Choosing a groupset?
  • Building the best sleep set-up for the job?
  • Panniers, bikepacking or hybrid?
  • Flats vs. Clip-ins?
  • Choosing a bike seat?
  • What handlebars should I put on my bike?
  • How to pack effectively?
  • Packing the bike for a flight?
  • Choosing flights and airlines?
  • Securing your bike?
  • Cycling in big cities and being traffic aware?
  • Scams, scams, and more scams?