Touring Advice

Wanna Go On A Bike Tour?

Planning to go on a bike tour but don’t know where to start???

Throughout this Touring Advice section of Bike Tour Adventures, I will layout all my experience and that of my podcast interviewees into a comprehensive section that will hopefully help you make heads and tails of all the different things you need to consider.

Follow the sections below to learn more….

***The links in ORANGE will take you either to a blog post written on the subject or to a Touring Talk Podcast Episode***

The Lowdown...


  • Do I need to have previous biking experience?
  • Is bike touring dangerous?
  • Are there any countries that should be avoided for bike tourers?

Planning a Cycle Tour

The Basics

Before You Start

  • What travel insurance should I get for bike touring?
  • Should I sell or store my belongings?
  • What to do with my home, apartment, etc?
  • How to train for a long-distance bike touring adventure.
  • Planning for visas along the way.
  • High-tech vs. low-tech travel?

Choosing a Bike

  • What kind of bike should I buy?
  • Pros and Cons of Touring on a Folding Bike.
  • How do I make sure a bike fits me properly?
  • Drivetrain: Rohloff vs. Pinion vs. Derailleur
  • Tubeless vs. Clincher tires
  • Choosing the correct tire size
  • Choosing a groupset.

Choosing Your Equipment

  • Choosing a stove to use while bike touring or  bikepacking. Touring Talk Episode 001
  • Building the best sleep set-up for the job?
  • Panniers or bikepacking bags?
  • Flat pedals vs clip-ins.
  • Choosing a bike seat.
  • What kind of handlebars should I put on my bike?

Prior to Departure

  • How to effectively pack your stuff.
  • Packing your bike for a flight.
  • Choosing your flights and airlines.
  • Spare parts for the tour

On The Road

  • Wild camping vs camping: How to choose the best camping location! Touring Talk Episode 002
  • How to keep your bike secure and safe.
  • Cycling in big cities and being traffic aware.
  • SCAMS, SCAMS, and more SCAMS