Interview 030: Ride With Dan | Cycling for Suicide Awareness – The One Pedal At A Time Movement

In Episode 030 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to talk with Dan Hurd, a Navy Veteran from the United States that is cycling 25,000 miles around...

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Interview 029: Joe & Verity | From the U.K. to New Zealand + Tips on Cycling Oman

In Episode 029 of Bike Tour Adventures I have the opportunity to speak with Joe and Verity, a young British couple that decided to take follow their passion for...

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Interview 028: Nima Khalkhali | Part 2 – Cycling in North Africa

In Episode 028 of Bike Tour Adventures, you get to hear the rest of the conversation with Nima Khalkhali, as he leaves Europe and crosses from Italy to Tunisia....

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Interview 027: Nima Khalkhali | Part 1 – From the Top of Europe to the Bottom

In Episode 027 of Bike Tour Adventures I connect you with Nima Khalkhali, an Iranian-Canadian from Vancouver, B.C. that recently spent 5 months travelling through Europe and north-Africa. Having...

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Touring Talk Episode 001 | Stoves

In Episode 001 of BTA Touring Talk, Adam and I discuss the various types of cooking stoves out there, our experiences with them, and what our recommendations would be.

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Interview 026: Adam Hugill Cycles the World & Deciding When to end a Tour

In Episode 026 of Bike Tour Adventures, Adam Hugill and I record a catch-up podcast. In the 11 months since I last interviewed him a lot has changed....

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Vang Vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng: More than a party spot We arrived in Vang Vieng mid-afternoon on the first day of Laos New Year. It was a great experience driving through town, trying not to get all our luggage soaked before getting to the hotel. We found an amazing place just on the other side of the Namson...

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Vientiene, Laos

2 Days in Vientiane, Laos After more than 7 years since last being in Laos, my wife and I decided to do a week-long trip from Vientiane to Luang Prabang. Flying into Vientiane gave me the chance to meet up with some old friends from my early days of working in Malaysia as a teacher...

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Along the Mekong: To Kampong Cham

At approximately 100km from Phnom Penh, Kampong Cham is a great weekend getaway for anyone wanting to get away from the constant traffic and noise of the big city. With lots of travel routes available to get there, there are good options available for all types of travellers.

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Cycling the Coast to Kampot

Cycling the Coast to Kampot After hosting my friend Adam of the Cycling Two for two weeks, he decided that he would make his way to Bangkok by following the coast of Cambodia and Thailand. I decided to join him for the weekend, and to take a bus back from Kampot, which is about 160km...

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Japan: Shikoku Island – Osaka to Hiroshima

Cycling from Osaka to Hiroshima via the beautiful Shikoku Island This post is a throwback to 2015, when I decided to cycle from Osaka to Hiroshima. As I was spending the summer in Japan, and didn’t have most of the bike touring equipment bike tourists usually carry, I was limited to sleeping in hotels and...

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Indonesia – Part 5: Bali to Gili Islands to Lombok

The Final Two Weeks After the massive push to get to Denpasar in 4 days, I was really happy to have reached Bali, the legendary island of amazing food, parties, beaches, and tranquility. I initially planned to stay in Denpasar, not really knowing anything about the place, but quickly realized that it a haven for...

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