Japan: Shikoku Photo Gallery

It can be challenging to find rural places in Japan to cycle, but the route across Shikoku Island follows a fertile valley across the island. Most of the route allows you to cycle on a path next to the road as you follow the winding river. Alternatively, if you have time on your hands, you can take a longer route through the south of the island and get even further into the rural parts of Japan.

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4 comments on “Japan: Shikoku Photo Gallery
  1. Raymonde Panasky says:

    Very interesting and amazing trip. Yes, Japan is a beautiful country, so many islands, and it must be so different in its climate from the south of Japan to the north where snow can even be found in the winter. I am glad i saw this part of Japan, the walking alone in Osakai was making my head spin, forget the bicycling for me, a leisure ride in a car will be more my liking. Love you, Mom.

    1. Chris says:

      Glad you enjoyed it mom. Love you too.

  2. Joe Rico says:

    Great photos. sounds like a great adventure. Stay Safe.

    1. Chris says:

      Thank you Joe.


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