Interview 055: Lael Wilcox | Ultra-distance Adventure Cycling

Lael Wilcox

In this episode of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the pleasure to interview Lael Wilcox. Lael is a professional ultra-distance adventure cyclist that has achieved so much in just a few short years. From breaking the women’s record on the Tour Divide in 2015, coming first overall on the Trans-Am bike race in 2016, breaking the women’s record on the Baja Divide in 2015 and the men’s record in 2017 as well as numerous other races under her belt, Lael has proven to be one of the top female endurance cyclists in the world.

Cheers . Keep on pedalling.


Follow Lael on her adventures at: 

Show Notes

~ 03m 10s     Intro to Lael Wilcox
~ 04m 30s     Early bike touring and bikes
~ 11m 30s      Seasonal touring
~ 15m 45s     First endurance race and cycling to the Tour Divide start
~ 21m 21s      Advice for people looking to get into ultra-distance cycling, her bikes and gearing
~ 26m 45s    Deciding which bike to use and bike setup
~ 32m 20s    The Alaska Pipeline Time Trial and food management
~ 38m 45s    Bike route development & the Baja Divide
~ 42m 00s    End notes and next episode … Leah Goldstein

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