Interview 051: Filmed by Bike Festival & Rugile Kaladyte On Her Film “I Just Want To Ride”

Ayleen Crotty of the Filmed by Bike Festival

In this episode of Bike Tour Adventures, I get to chat with the organizer of the Filmed by Bike Festival, Ayleen Crotty. Unlike many of the Adventure Film Festivals out there, this festival is specifically aimed at showcasing the world best bike movies. As many bike tourers out there produce movies and short films of their adventures, I figured this is the perfect festival to highlight on the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast. 

Rugile (Rue) Kaladyte, Filmmaker

In case that is not enough for you, I also have the privilege of having a chance to speak with Rugile Kaladyte, winner of the Filmed by Bike’s Audience Choice Award for her film “I Just Want to Ride” in which she followed Leal Wilcox on her 2019 attempt at beating the fastest known time of the Tour Divide. 

Cheers . Keep on pedalling.


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Find the Filmed by Bike Festival at:

Show Notes

~ 00m 45s     News and updates
~ 07m 00s      Introduction to Ayleen Cotter and Rugile Kaladyte (Rue)
~ 14m 30s      How the festival has grown and how they pick submissions
~ 21m 08s      Rue’s first film “I’m not stopping” and what advice she would give herself.
~ 26m 45s     The film “I Just Want to Ride” and the controversy that arose because of it.
~ 44m 45s     Empowering female and BIPOC cyclists & Yes, You!
~ 49m 30s     How is the festival different this year and what Ayleen is most excited about.
~ 54m 15s     Rue’s submission for the 2021 Filmed by Bike Festival
~ 01h 07m     Filmmaker awards & how to view it.
~ 01h 12m      Rue’s favourite film she’s made and where to find Rue

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