A civil engineer by trade, Fedor has spent the last few years travelling around the world making the most of work and travel visas, hiking, biking, eating and looking for the perfect IPA. I had the pleasure of meeting Fedor this past summer while cycling along the Yellowhead Highway, while making my way towards the Cassiar Highway. Due to the remoteness of the Cassiar and the lack of communication with the outside world, we decided to cycle together.

Cheers Fedor. Keep on pedalling.


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Show Notes

~ 03m 00s     Intro to episode and Fedor
~ 15m 20s      Work and travel visas
~ 21m 00s      Bike touring in New Zealand
~ 27m 00s      Fedor’s touring bikes and bike setup
~ 38m 45s     Gear
~ 44m 30s     Mechanical issues while touring
~ 48m 50s     Tour de Wild Canada
~ 57m 30s     The people he met along the way
~ 01h 04m     Canadian wildlife
~ 01h 08m     The Yukon
~ 01h 29m     Cycling during Covid-19
~ 01h 41m      Personal philosophy towards bike touring
~ 01h 47m      Plans after leaving Canada
~ 01h 50m      Final messages

About the Author
Traveller. Cyclist. Expat. Over 15 years experience living abroad in six different countries. I've travelled to over 40+ countries and met countless travellers, cyclists, and other expats. As a passionate cyclist I've had opportunities to bike tour in some truly amazing places. While definitely not an expert at bike touring, I'm passionate about sharing bike touring stories and helping others learn hacks, tricks, and techniques to improve their touring experience. I look forward to you joining me on this journey of learning about and becoming a better bike tourist.

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