Interview 036: Michael Conti | Supported Ultra-Distance Bike Racing & Tips For A Successful RAAM

I was in a weird headspace. I hadn’t learned the whole endurance cycling, that it’s a mental game and it’s not really a physical. OK. Let’s take that back. It is a physical game, but the mental will wreck your race before the physical part will.
Michael Conti

In this episode of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to speak with Michael Conti, an American ultra-distance endurance cyclist that came 1st place in the Race Across the West in 2015 and in 2018 placed 4th overall and 1st American overall in the Race Across America. In today’s episode, we’ll learn all about what it takes to make it in the world of ultra-distance bike racing and how to be mentally and physically prepared after something uneventful happens.

To find out more about Michael’s prep and planning for the ultimate ultra-distance supported bike race, click up above to listen.

Cheers. Keep on pedalling.


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Show Notes

~ 01m 30s     Intro to Michael Conti and how he got into ultra-distance cycling
~ 10m 40s     About the RAAM
~ 16m 00s     Preparing for RAAM
~ 20m 45s     His bikes and individual setup for each one
~ 29m 00s     Importance of saddle and shoes
~ 33m 30s     The unfortunate ending of the 2016 RAAM and salvaging his saddles
~ 36m 00s     Getting the right people in the team, keeping spirits up and keeping a positive mindset during the most difficult times.
~ 43m 30s     Drinking and eating effectively during a race
~ 48m 00s     Following a sleep schedule
~ 52m 00s     Biggest obstacles to success in a race like the RAAM
~ 57m 15s     Differences with supported vs unsupported endurance racing
~ 60m 00s     Financing the race and associated costs, sponsorships, etc
~ 65m 45s     Rate of failure and success
~ 75m 00s     Future race plans for 2020 and beyond
~ 78m 40s     Concluding comments and next time on Bike Tour Adventures

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