Starting at the Chelsea Pub in Old Chelsea, you begin your journey by warming-up the legs on the rail trail to Wakefield, at which point you cross the Gatineau River on the old wooden bridge after which you grind your way along the Gatineau River up to Farrelton. Crossing the river again, you wind your way through some gravel roads before going through Low, where you will cross the Paugan Dam.

After crossing the dam, you get your first major climb of the day as you make your way up to Denholm. Heading north, you have another big climb before reaching Mont Ste Marie and hitting up some amazing gravel roads along the Gatineau River heading to the northern most point of the route: Gracefield. This is probably the place where you want to stock up on supplies as there are not too many resupply points for quite some times. Leaving Gracefield, you ride the Veloroute des Draveurs for approximately 30km before leaving the fast and flat rail trail for some more gravel roads. 

At kilometre 198 you reach the village of Danford Lake where there is a small store you can get some supplies. Time to crush some gravel and make your way to Otter Lake. While making your way towards Ladysmith you ride through some phenomenal unserviced gravel roads, completely tree-lined with fantastic climbs and descents.  After reaching Lac des Loups, you enter the Gatineau Park while following a service road. You need to be careful as the bridge is out of order and you will need to descend and ford the creek. 

The last 75km of the Grand-O will physically challenge you with 1150m of elevation gain, a ton of single and double track, rock-gardens, massive climbs and epic descents. Reaching the Chelsea Pub at the end of the 400km you will be well deserving of one of their micro-brews and a good meal.

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