Nima always wanted to go to Morocco. In this second half of his story, we talk about his desire to go to Morocco and his need to get out Europe. Because of this he found out that he could take a boat and cross the Mediterranean Sea and 10 hours later arrive at the capital of Tunisia – Tunis.

After missing his boat the first time around, he was sure to catch it the second time. The first challenge of the trip to Africa was to get stamped in to Tunisia. Because of a terrorist attack some year earlier, and that fact that bike tourers are notoriously cheap and don’t really add much to the economies of the countries they visit, Tunisian border guards are wary of allowing bike tourers in, as they tend to not stick to the beaten path. Having been prepped, Nima told the guards all about the places he would be visiting, showed them hotel confirmations, and also showed them his onward flight out of Tunisia. Somehow, he got lucky and they let him in.

He was fortunate to have made friends with a local bike tourer, and used his knowledge to help him create a short tour around Tunisia, taking in some of the sights like the Sahara Desert, salt lakes, the Amazigh people, and even visiting a few of the ancient cultural gems such as the El Jem Amphitheater which dates back to ancient Roman times. With an abundance of generosity from the people, amazing food, and amazing sites, Tunisia remains one of Nima’s all-time favourite places he has been.

After getting back to Tunis and flying to Casablanca, Nima was fortunate and was able to use his connections to meet with another local bike tourer and decided he would ride longer days, going lightweight and shipping some of his stuff to Tangiers to await his arrival. In the interim, he would ride south along the coast. Fortunately, or unfortunately, he never made it past Essaouira, deciding that he loved the city so much he would take him time and enjoy its beauty and meet locals and learn about the people. Before leaving and finishing his trip, he took a series of busses to get to Tangiers, make a short trip east to the town of Tetouan, where he said he saw one of the most beautiful medinas he had ever seen.

To hear all the details of his trip through north Africa, have a listen to episode 028 (above). To hear about his trip through Europe, listen to episode 027.

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Show Notes

~ 01 min       Why he decided to go to Africa
~ 03m 25s     Tips to get into Tunisia as a bike tourist
~ 07 min       Nima’s route through Tunisia, sleeping in the Sahara Desert
~ 14 min       Meeting the Amazigh people, Tunisian food
~ 21 min       Why he didn’t cycle to Morocco, where he went in Morocco
~ 29m 30s     His favourite place in Morocco, advice for bike travellers
~ 34m 30s     What he enjoyed most about Morocco
~ 40m 30s     Which country’s people most resonated with Nima
~ 45m 30s     WOW moments and what’s next for Nima
~ 50m 50s     Where to find Nima on social media
~ 54m 30s     Next episode: By Jove By Bike

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