Interview 026: Adam Hugill Cycles the World & Deciding When to end a Tour

In my very first episode of Bike Tour Adventures, I interviewed Adam and Lucia Hugill while they were staying at my place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Shortly after that interview, Lucia flew home to the U.K. to visit family for three weeks before continuing on with the journey through S. Korea, Japan and then the Americas. Adam ended up staying at my place for a couple weeks while working on his video edits and then we cycled together from Phnom Penh to Kampot as he again carried on with the journey to Bangkok, where he would meet up again with Lucia.

Ultimately, their happy reunion led to the realization that they both had different goals and expectations for their lives and made the tough decision to go their separate ways. Adam carried on solo through S. Korea and Japan, cutting those two months shorter, in order to fly to Alaska, and perhaps giving him the much needed opportunity for some time alone while searching for answers. 

If you are going to film yourself on a bike trip, people want to know who you are, why you’re doing it, what’s your motivation. And, they wanna feel the journey with you.

After arriving in Fairbanks, Adam needed to make some big changes to his bike, getting rid of the drop bars in favour of flat bars, and converting his bike more into a bikepacking setup with a dry bag strapped to the front, salsa anything cages attached to the forks, a partial frame bag and maintaining the rear pannier set-up.

Adam originally wanted to cycle from Deadhorse but changed his route to go up to Tuktoyaktuk and cycle down the newly created road across Canada’s Arctic. As luck would have it, when Adam was camping in Denali National Park, he met someone that was about to drive up to Deadhorse and managed to be able to hitch a lift all the way there. Thus the final route out of the North was decided. 

For nearly two weeks Adam cycled back towards civilization, having to overcome many bike mechanical issues along the way, praying each day that his $5 Chinese bike wheel would stop breaking spokes and not collapse on-route, ever amazed with the people he met along the way and how such small interactions can lift one’s spirit or altogether change the journey completely. 

After crossing over into Canada and making his way from the Yukon to British Colombia, he met one such person and after a little thought, he packed his bike onto her vehicle and hitched his way to Prince Rupert where he would catch a ferry to the Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii) for the Edge of the World Music Festival. After a couple weeks break, he grabbed another ferry to Vancouver Island which he then cycled along the coast until catching another ferry over to Vancouver. This gave Adam a chance to learn more about what not to do with a drone, such as flying it while on a fast moving ferry and attempting to crash land it on another boat in the hopes of one day getting it back. After nearly a month in Vancouver Adam decided to cycle along the Pacific Coast Highway rather than taking on the Great Divide. This decision came about as he realized he was enjoying being back in “civilization” and wanted to interact more with other cyclists.

After reaching San Francisco Adam decided to change his route a bit and make his way through Yosemite National Park and past Death Valley, Nevada while on route to Las Vegas. From this point, he realized what he was looking for, and decided to plan for the end of the tour as he made his way through parts of the U.S. while visiting friends. Adam realized that he wanted to continue the adventure in shorter legs, while at the same time having a home base and building up his own “community” of like minded individuals. 

He is now back in the U.K. living in Northern England, has found a good job that will allow him ample opportunities to bike tour, engage in video editing projects and really focus on the things that make him happy.

If you want to know more about Adam and his adventures, definitely listen to the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast, episodes 001 and 026. You can also check him out on social media apps and YouTube by clicking the links below.

Cheers Adam.
Keep on pedalling.


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Show Notes

~ 01 min       Intro to Episode 26 with Adam Hugill
~ 02m 30s    Cycling S. Korea and Japan and finding a new focus for his videos
~ 14 min       Contrast between Tokyo and Anchorage, modifying his bike
~ 21 min       His route in Alaska, getting to Deadhorse and highlights
~ 32m 30s    The landscape of Alaska, taking care in bear country
~ 39m 40s    Cycling in Yukon, exploring aboriginal cultures, how to lose a drone
~ 47m 40s    Vancouver, cycling the Pacific Coast Road
~ 53m 30s    People in the U.S.A, changing routes in San Francisco
~ 01h 30s     Meeting a YouTube video hero, deciding his future
~ 1h 08m      Best scenery, food, people, parties, cycling in the Lower 48
~ 1h 14m      Life after the tour
~ 1h 16m      Making YouTube videos and tips for others
~ 1h 22m      The new fatbike
~ 1h 24m      Where to find Adam Hugill
~ 1h 25m      In the next episode, Nima Khalkhali

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  1. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Rick Thomas says:

    I saw Hugh on ‘girl in the woods’ podcast, when they met in AK. An impressive guy!

    1. Chris says:

      That’s awesome. Small world. I’ve heard of Girl in the Woods, but never checked it out yet.

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