Touring Advice

Touring Talk Episode 002 | Sleep Solutions

Bike Touring Sleep Solutions Bike touring and sleeping away from home go hand in hand. It’s would be pretty difficult to go on a bike tour and sleep at home every night.  In this podcast episode, myself and my co-host Adam discuss various means of accommodation which will come in useful throughout a bike tour,…

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When and Where to go on a Bike Tour

Should I buy a new bike before bike touring? Should I wait until I save more money? Should I wait until my kids are just a bit older? Should I sell all my stuff and leave for good? When Should You Go On A Bike Tour? I often talk with people and they are not…

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What is Bike Touring?

What does it mean to go on a Bike Tour Adventure? A bike tour adventure is a pretty flexible term generally used for getting on a bike and riding somewhere, usually to new places where you might now have previously explored. Bike touring is an extremely accessible way of go on an adventure without breaking…

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