Blackburn Outpost Elite Handlebar Roll

$175 USD



Water resistance


Ease of Use







  • Strong harness
  • Micro-adjustable harness
  • Double-sided dry-bag
  • Welded seem construction
  • Purge valve


  • Short straps
  • Difficult to use with aerobars
  • Tight fit with drop-bars
  • Slightly heavier than other options
  • Cost

Blackburn Outpost Elite Handlebar Roll

Double-sided dry-bag with a sweet harness

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Product Overview

With so many types of handlebar rolls on the market, it’s tough to find one that can stand up the rigor of everyday use. The Blackburn Outpost Elite Handlebar Roll is the premium offering by Blackburn Design, featuring a multi-adjustable harness system to get the roll perfectly set up.

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Harness system: No more movement of the front roll. This is particularly important if you are bikepacking on single-track and it will provide stability.

Bleed valve: Allows you to get out excess air and keep the roll as compressed as possible.

Welded seem construction: Waterproof. Need I say more!

Organization: Double-ended dry bag with molle straps and bungee cord to organize your stuff.

Lifetime Warranty: Not many companies provide this. Respect to those that do.

About the Outpost Elite Handlebar Roll

The Blackburn Outpost Elite Handlebar Roll is a two-piece system. The first is the harness which mounts on the handlebars and allows for a serious amount of adjustment to make it fit your space just right. The mounting brackets are made of aluminum alloy, and are designed to fit handlebars with a diameter in between 25.4 – 35mm. The roll is a double-sided drybag with an integrated purge valve to get excess air out of the system. By opening on both ends, it allows for you to easily get gear out without having to take everything out of the bag. The integrated molle straps and bungee cords attached to the bag allow you to hang various accessories off the drybag, such as maps, raingear, etc. Finally, a velcro patch on the bag helps keep it in place on the harness while strapping it in.

What is Blackburn?

Beginning in 1975, Jim Blackburn saw the need for high quality bike accessories, made from high quality materials. They have now grown into one of the preeminent companies within the cycling gear world. One of the greatest aspects of Blackburn bags is that they provide a lifetime warranty on their products.

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Is the Outpost Elite Handlebar Bag right for you?

After about 7000km of cycling last year with the Blackburn Outpost Elite Handlebar Roll, I can say that overall I am extremely pleased with the purchase. As I was riding a gravel bike wth 400mm handlebars, it was very tight to fit the drybag without having them interfere with the shifters. This meant that I had to adjust the harness to quite a low position to clear the shifting. This resulted in the tension straps being very difficult to get around the drybag as the straps mount of the handlebars and the straps had to reach much further. In a higher position on a wider drop bar or a flat bar, it would have been a much better fit.

I really liked that I could take things out of either side without having to take the bag of the harness. It was stable, kept all my things dry and made a great pillow at night. If you are looking for a bombproof bag that is extremely stable when hitting the trails, then this is definitely the bag for you. It’s built tough as nails and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of stuff I could fit in there. While not the lightest on the market, at 795g it was reasonable considering the build quality.


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