Month: September 2019

Interview 015 – Swag Family Hughes | Bike Touring With Children on Tandem Bikes

In Episode 015 of Bike Tour Adventures I interview the Swag Family Hughes as they take their two young children on a one year bike tour around Australia as a means of educating them about the country, learning the stories of people around the country and creating educational content that can be used in primary schools around the world.

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Interview 014: Matt and Becky | Post-Tour – Going Back to “Normal” Life + Tips for Riding the Pamir Highway

In episode 014, I speak with Matt Arnold and Becky Prince about their 1 year tour from the United Kingdom to Singapore. We talk about places they really loved along the way, things they would have done differently, how not to waste too much money before the tour even starts and what it’s like going back to “normal” life after the bike tour adventure.

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Interview 013: Jonas Deichman | From Bike Tourer to Ultra-Endurance Record Holder

In Episode 013 of Bike Tour Adventures, I interview Jonas Deichman, a German ultra-endurance cyclist and motivational speaker. During this interview we talk about how he went from being a guy that did an 18 month world tour to becoming a professional ultra-endurance racer, a holder of two world records for being the fastest to cycle across Eurasia from Portugal to Vladivostok, Russia and also for cycling from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina following the Pan-American Highway.

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