Bike Touring, Bikepacking and Route Development with Matt Kadey

In this episode of the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast, Matthew Kadey and I finally have the chance to record this long awaited interview. I first learned about Matt when I heard about the Butter Tart 700, more commonly known as the BT 700, the first long-distance bikepacking route in Ontario that featured a Grand Depart. In the time since creating the BT 700, Matt has gone on to develop 5 long distance bikepacking routes in Ontario, as well as several routes in Costa Rica and Colombia. An experienced bike tourer, bikepacker, route designer and a chef, Matt has tons of experience to share with listeners.

Cheers Matt. Keep on pedalling.


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Show Notes

~ 00m 45s     BTA housekeeping: Bikepack Adventures Grand Depart, Lucky draw, how to support the show
~ 05m 00s     Intro to Matthew Kadey and cycling background: bike, packing, travel style, etc
~ 20m 00s     Cycling the Pacific Coast and getting “the bug”, going to Myanmar, Sri Lanka, etc
~ 35m 20s     Gravel biking and bikepacking
~ 52m 00s     Route development: BT 700 in-depth discussion
~ 01h 22m     Creating bikepacking routes internationally
~ 01h 31m     Nutrition advice –> Matt’s balls (hahahaha)
~ 01h 41m     Closing notes


Traveller. Cyclist. Expat. Over 15 years experience living abroad in six different countries. I've travelled to over 40+ countries and met countless travellers, cyclists, and other expats. As a passionate cyclist I've had opportunities to bike tour in some truly amazing places. While definitely not an expert at bike touring, I'm passionate about sharing bike touring stories and helping others learn hacks, tricks, and techniques to improve their touring experience. I look forward to you joining me on this journey of learning about and becoming a better bike tourist.

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