Pedal 4 Parks

In this Bike Tour Adventures interview I have the chance to speak with a group of adventurers that have recently completed a truly unique cycling adventure, while also working towards increasing public awareness of climate solutions, the importance of preserving the U.K’s natural environment and finally encouraging others to explore the outdoors. In today’s episode I am speaking with Isaac Kenyon, Alex Pierrot and Lucas Haitzmann, 3 of the 5 members of the team that this past summer cycled from the Orkney Islands in the north of the United Kingdom to the Isley of Scilly in the south, using bikes the entire way.  Listen in to find out how they accomplished this.

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Show Notes

~ 00m 45s     Pre-interview news
~ 07m 20s     Episode intro; guest backstories
~ 34m 20s     How Pedal4Parks came to fruition
~ 41m 40s     Goal of the project
~ 50m 00s     The adventure
~ 56m 30s     Cycling in the Orkney Islands and water biking
~ 01h 07m     Challenges of cycling in the U.K.
~ 01h 24m     Reaching Land’s End and not being done
~ 01h 34m     The documentary and what’s next?


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