Theo Kelsey-Verdecchia

In this episode of the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast, I speak with Theo Kelsey-Verdecchia. Coming from the Toronto, Canada, Theo has been crushing gravel routes these past couple years, setting an FKT on the BTXL in 2020, beating his own time and setting a new FKT in 2021 on the BTXL and in the process beating my BT700 FKT time, as well as finishing 1st on the Alberta Rockies 700 this year.

Cheers . Keep on pedalling.


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Show Notes

~ 00m 45s     Words for a fallen comrade
~ 04m 15s      Intro to Theo Kelsey-Verdecchia
~ 06m 15s      Previous bikepacking/touring experience
~ 08m 30s     Theo’s bike(s), setup and bags
~ 20m 00s      Adapting gear and packing spare parts
~ 23m 00s      BTXL and sleep management
~ 32m 45s      Favourite parts of the BTXL
~ 37m 20s      Alberta Rockies 700 and winning tactics
~ 48m 45s      What’s next for Theo?
~ 55m 30s      Sponsors, Patreon and upcoming contest


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