Butter Tart 700

As with any good cycling route, the Butter Tart 700 (BT700) has evolved into a glorious route that is 768km long, taking the rider throughout Southwestern Ontario. The designer of the route, Matthew Kadey, has taken his international experience working in bicycle route development in Costa Rica and Colombia and created a route in his own region for people to enjoy for years to come. The route itself is a perfect mixture of gravel, pavement, and trail, constantly taking the rider from one environment to the next. 

Having ridden it with the goal of setting a new record for the Fastest Known Time (FKT), I found that the route really did a great job of keeping me engaged and never letting me get so bored that the mind would start convincing me to give up. Having achieved my goal of getting the FKT by finishing 45 minutes faster than the previous record, it was beaten two days later, continuing the tradition of people trying to best one another. Rather than reiterating everything I said in my ride review, I will leave you to listen to the Ridecast (think podcast about a ride) and hopefully hear your comments on what your own thoughts or experiences have been. I look forward to getting out there again at some point and trying to re-claim the FKT title.

In the meantime, keep on pedalling.



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