Exploring the World With Only Human Power

In this episode of BTA, I get to met Zoe Agasi and Olivier Van Herck, a couple of travellers from Amsterdam that embarked in an open ended adventure of a life time on the very last day of September 2016. They started by traveling across Europe by bike then mixing up boats, hiking boots and skis to get wherever their curiosity would pull them. They are advocating for a slower and more sustainable way of travelling, giving the example of what is possible to achieve on zero, two, or six sets of wheels. They’ve since travelled more than 41000km and are not planning to stop anytime soon.

Cheers . Keep on pedalling.


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Traveller. Cyclist. Expat. Over 15 years experience living abroad in six different countries. I've travelled to over 40+ countries and met countless travellers, cyclists, and other expats. As a passionate cyclist I've had opportunities to bike tour in some truly amazing places. While definitely not an expert at bike touring, I'm passionate about sharing bike touring stories and helping others learn hacks, tricks, and techniques to improve their touring experience. I look forward to you joining me on this journey of learning about and becoming a better bike tourist.

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  1. Mark

    Excellent! Chris and Carl good job! Just perfect with Zoe and Olivier are beautiful and strong. I prefer the bike portion but I realize it’s the adventure that’s key to their success. Not having been able to spend so much time, I appreciate that one will naturally branch out and do whatever strikes you to accomplish your goals.

    1. Chris

      Hi Mark. Thanks for the message. I totally agree about the time constraints. They’ve done so much, it’s hard to cover it all in one podcast. Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed. Keep on pedalling. Chris

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