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In Episode 43 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to speak with Belén Castello and Tristan Bogaard. After something like 3 years on the road, Belén and Tristan were forced to stop, as so many of you were. Instead of just waiting for everything to get back to normal, they devoted their time to putting the finishing touches on their coffee table book titled, “Bike Life”. I’ve had the pleasure of being able to read through the book and it accomplishes something that so many novels fail to do. With beautiful pictures to accentuate very descriptive text, the book makes you want to drop everything and jump on the bike.

Cheers . Keep on pedalling.


Follow Belan and Tristan on their adventures at: 

You can follow the above WordPress link under Tristan’s name to link directly to Tristan’s website to purchase their book. In the event that the shipping cost is too much because of where you live or it is out of stock and you can’t wait, here are links to their book on as well as

Show Notes

~ 01m 05s     Intro to Episode, who are Belén Castello and Tristan Bogaard
~ 08m 30s    Previous touring and cycling experience
~ 14m 50s    Bikes and setup; Pros and cons of various setups
~ 25m 50s    Unusual things they carry in their bags
~ 35m 30s    Cycling Norway
~ 48m 00s    Cycling the Dolomites
~ 51m 30s     Cycling the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal, Spain, Andorra)
~ 60m 59s    Cycling the Canary Islands
~ 01h 08m    Cycling Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
~ 01h 27m    Cycling advice for beginner


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