In this episode of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the change to catch up with Arie Hugerbrugge and see how things have been going on with him since we first spoke in Episode 032.  A lot has happened, or, more correctly, a lot has happened since Arie and I last spoke. With all the changes to his tour that we first talked about, Arie has had to continually adapt his tour to the changing circumstances that Covid-19 has forced upon us this past year. Because of these changing circumstances, we weren’t able to meet up while cycling, as Arie had already modified and changed his route. Since we weren’t able to catch up in person, we figured we may as well make a podcast out of it.

Cheers Arie. Keep on pedalling.


Follow Arie on his adventures at:

Show Notes

~ 01m 05s     Intro to Episode, who is Arie Huggerbrugge
~ 02m 30s    Lockdown in Kingston, content creation on YouTube
~ 27m 45s    Truckers and the dangers they pose cyclists
~ 31m 20s     How media helped him throughout the tour in Canada, dealing with bicycle breakdowns
~ 41m 10s     The mighty pool noodle and the route change because of Covid-19
~ 58m 35s    Chance encounters along the way
~ 01h 14m     Arie’s website and his favourite part of it
~ 01h 21m     Where Arie is now and what his plans are surrounding the end of the Canadian part of the tour
~ 01h 30m     How people can help support Arie on his adventure


Traveller. Cyclist. Expat. Over 15 years experience living abroad in six different countries. I've travelled to over 40+ countries and met countless travellers, cyclists, and other expats. As a passionate cyclist I've had opportunities to bike tour in some truly amazing places. While definitely not an expert at bike touring, I'm passionate about sharing bike touring stories and helping others learn hacks, tricks, and techniques to improve their touring experience. I look forward to you joining me on this journey of learning about and becoming a better bike tourist.

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