Interview 037: Katie Hatton | Big Rides and Hikes + Tips For Women

In this episode of Bike Tour Adventures, I get to meet Katie, also known as You’ve Got to Wander. As a female adventurer, Katie is an inspiration to...

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Interview 036: Michael Conti | Supported Ultra-Distance Bike Racing & Tips For A Successful RAAM

In this episode of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to speak with Michael Conti, an American ultra-distance endurance cyclist that came 1st place in the Race Across...

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Interview 035: Luke Grenfell-Shaw | Re-Writing The Narrative As A CAN(cer) Liver

In this Episode of Bike Tour Adventures i speak with Luke Grenfell-Shaw while he is temporarily back in the U.K. after the Corona Virus made things too difficult to...

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Interview 034: Shred America | A Journey Across America By Skateboard And Bike

In Interview 034 of Bike Tour Adventures I have the chance to talk with and get to know James Lagen. In 2008, James and three friends rode their bikes...

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Touring Talk Episode 003: What Bike Do I Need?

In Episode 003 of BTA Touring Talk, Adam Hugill and I discuss the various types of options available when it comes to finding the right bike for the tour...

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Interview 033: Ian Finlay | My Endless Summer + Tips for Cycling The Pamir Highway

In Interview 33 of the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast, I have the chance to speak with 53 year’s young Ian Finlay. In August of 2018, he loaded up his...

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Choosing A Bike Bag Setup

Handlebar Setup When deciding on how you will setup the cockpit of your bike, it’s important to choose the right bag for the job. Depending on the type of riding you are doing, the handlebar bag setup can differ greatly. Handlebar bag The benefit of using a handlebar bag is that you have quick access...

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Parts Of The Bike | Bicycle Components For Beginners

Parts of the Bike One of the biggest challenges every cyclist has to go through at some point is learning the names of the parts on their bikes and what they do. We’ve all been there. We walked into a bike shop when we decided we wanted to buy a bike, and for all we...

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Spare Parts For Touring

Spare Parts For Your Bike Tour After numerous bike tours and extensive conversations with bike tourers from around the world, I have put together what I consider to be the best lists of spare parts for long-distance bike tours. Extra spokes and nipples You may need as many as three different spoke lengths: one length...

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Pros and Cons to Touring on a Folding Bike

Pros and Cons to Using a Folding Bike for Touring Having done some bike touring on road bikes, mountain bikes, and folding bikes, I decided to put together some information about bike touring with a folding bike. Having interviewed a friend of mine who rode a Brompton 5400km throughout Europe and having personally experienced touring...

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When and Where to go on a Bike Tour

Should I buy a new bike before bike touring? Should I wait until I save more money? Should I wait until my kids are just a bit older? Should I sell all my stuff and leave for good? When Should You Go On A Bike Tour? I often talk with people and they are not...

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What is Bike Touring?

What does it mean to go on a Bike Tour Adventure? A bike tour adventure is a pretty flexible term generally used for getting on a bike and riding somewhere, usually to new places where you might now have previously explored. Bike touring is an extremely accessible way of go on an adventure without breaking...

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I’m passionate about sharing bike touring stories and helping others learn tips, tricks, and techniques to improve their touring experience.

Together, we’ll hear stories from bike tourers, bikepackers, athletes, and ultra-distance racers. I look forward to you joining me on this journey of learning.


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