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Episode 012: Sam Rice | Spirituality, Ayahuasca and a World Tour With No Destination

In Episode 12 of Bike Tour Adventures, I interview Sam Rice, who goes from nearly becoming an alcoholic to discovering spirituality and himself in the process, ultimately deciding to...

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Episode 011: Davide Travelli | Bears in Alaska, Love in S. America and Police in Egypt

In Episode 11 of Bike Tour Adventures, Davide shares his story of how he flew to Alaska with zero experience and has now cycled Alaska to Patagonia, and S....

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Episode 010: Harry and Roellie | Multiple Heart Bypasses and Bike Touring + Tips on Sponsorship

In Episode 010 of Bike Tour Adventures, I interview Harry and Roelie. They are a Dutch couple that cycled the Great Divide from San Diego to Banff, Canada and...

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Episode 009: Walter Reich | 70 Year Old Biking Across Canada to Raise Awareness of Parkinson’s Disease

In Episode 009 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have a sit down with Walter Reich to talk about his bike tour across Canada. At 70 years old, he is...

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Episode 008: Marielle Jauring | Making the Most Out of Short Bike Tours + Tips for Female Solo Bike Tourists

In Episode 008 of Bike Tour Adventures, I had the chance to talk with Marielle Jauring, a Swedish cyclist, snowboarder and surfer that goes on short bike tours, allowing...

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Episode 007: Ben Leo Hollis | Environmentalist, Humanist and Feminist at 18 Years Old + Tips For Young Bike Tourers

In Episode 007 of Bike Tour Adventures, I interview Ben, an 18 year old that is cycling from the UK to Australia during a gap year. He talks about...

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Cycling the Coast to Kampot

Cycling the Coast to Kampot After hosting my friend Adam of the Cycling Two for two weeks, he decided that he would make his way to Bangkok by following the coast of Cambodia and Thailand. I decided to join him for the weekend, and to take a bus back from Kampot, which is about 160km...

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Japan: Shikoku Island – Osaka to Hiroshima

Cycling from Osaka to Hiroshima via the beautiful Shikoku Island This post is a throwback to 2015, when I decided to cycle from Osaka to Hiroshima. As I was spending the summer in Japan, and didn’t have most of the bike touring equipment bike tourists usually carry, I was limited to sleeping in hotels and...

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Indonesia – Part 5: Bali to Gili Islands to Lombok

The Final Two Weeks After the massive push to get to Denpasar in 4 days, I was really happy to have reached Bali, the legendary island of amazing food, parties, beaches, and tranquility. I initially planned to stay in Denpasar, not really knowing anything about the place, but quickly realized that it a haven for...

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Indonesia – Part 4: Malang to Denpassar

4 day Race to Bali The day before I was going to leave Malang I was talking to a British couple and they were telling me how they only had 9 days left on their visas so they had to go to Bali as quickly as possible to get it renewed. After a quick count,...

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Indonesia – Part 3: Kediri to Malang

Kediri to Malang (115km) Kediri as a nice little city. I managed to go to a festival that happened to be going on and saw a traditional Javanese puppet show, ate some great local food and just enjoyed the moment. I decided to head to Malang the next day. On the way out of town,...

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Indonesia – Part 2: Yogyakarta to Kediri

Yogyakarta to Solo (68km) I decided to go to Surakarta (Solo) for my 1st bike leg. Only 68km away on a flat road. About 2.5 hours of boring riding on a busy road. I had three couchsurfers lined up for Solo, but since I delayed my departure from Jogja, the two locals could no longer...

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