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Episode 024: Viktor Zicho | Amazing moments in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan + 1 Month in Pakistani Prison

In Episode 024 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to speak with Viktor Zicho, a 26 year old Hungarian citizen that is currently from Hungary to India...

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Episode 023: Jonas Deichmann | Cape-to-Cape World Record

In episode 23 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the opportunity to catch up with Jonas Deichmann, an ultra-endurance cyclist that was previously a guest in Episode 13. Currently...

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Episode 022: Pablo Espitia | Cycling the Silk Road

In Episode 22 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to catch up with Pablo Espitia, a young university graduate that has spent the last year cycling from...

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Episode 021: Rob Lea | Ultimate World Triathlon

In Episode 021 of Bike Tour Adventures I have the chance to speak with Rob Lea, an adventurer that has just completed the Ultimate World Triathlon, a combination of...

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Episode 020: Chris Bennett | Ultra-Distance Cycling + Tips on Gear and Bike Set-up

In Episode 020 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to get to know Chris Bennett, a 60 year-old Canadian who settled in New Zealand to escape the...

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Episode 019: Sam Johnson | From Camper Van to Touring Bike + 18 Things He’s Learned From Life on the Road

In Episode 019 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have a chance to catch up with Sam Johnson, an English adventurer that has gone from travelling around in a camper...

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Tour Along the Saint Lawrence River: Ottawa –> Quebec City –> Ottawa

Click the speaker to play the blog post using the website voice app. When moving back to Canada at the beginning of summer 2019 I decided that a summer of unemployment was the perfect time to arrange a bike tour and re-discover some of my great country. Between all the usual things such as visiting...

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Cycling the Mae Hong Son Loop

Chiang Mai, the largest city in the northern Thailand is not just an amazing city to spend a few days or weeks, but is also the traditional starting point of the Mae Hong Son Loop, a 650km stretch of road going through Pai, Sop Pong, Mae Hong Son, Khun Yuam, Mae Sariang, and Mae Chaem....

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Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang: Inner peace and outer calm The ride to Luang Prabang was supposed to take up 4-5 hours through some amazing mountains and down some pristine valleys. Shortly after leaving we saw a Korean tourist on a small scooter and after a short stop, he told us that he would follow us. I told...

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Vang Vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng: More than a party spot We arrived in Vang Vieng mid-afternoon on the first day of Laos New Year. It was a great experience driving through town, trying not to get all our luggage soaked before getting to the hotel. We found an amazing place just on the other side of the Namson...

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Vientiene, Laos

2 Days in Vientiane, Laos After more than 7 years since last being in Laos, my wife and I decided to do a week-long trip from Vientiane to Luang Prabang. Flying into Vientiane gave me the chance to meet up with some old friends from my early days of working in Malaysia as a teacher...

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Along the Mekong: To Kampong Cham

At approximately 100km from Phnom Penh, Kampong Cham is a great weekend getaway for anyone wanting to get away from the constant traffic and noise of the big city. With lots of travel routes available to get there, there are good options available for all types of travellers.

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